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What is fodder?

A type of animal feed, that is unprocessed or rough food stuff, wet or dry, used specifically to feed domestic livestock. Includes but not limited to; sprouts, hay or harvest residue.



Jinglebob Land and Cattle’s operations are centered in the desert Southwest. We have adapted and innovated, cattle production, to produce beef from the desert adaptive Criollo Cattle, a breed that does not fit the box of the American Commercial Beef Industry. We harvest these cattle off the open rangeland of the Chihuahuan Desert, from ranches that we know and trust.

Off the ranch, these cattle are in range condition and seldom fat enough to finish by our standards. In order for Ganados del Rey to produce beef from these animals, they must be finished, either by traditional methods such as with processed grain mixes in a feedlot or grass finished on irrigated pasture land, which in the desert is hard to find. Finishing on grain did not appeal to us in part because of the bad effects it has on the cattle and the beef produced that we eat and we feel it is not a sustainable way to produce beef.

We have developed the finishing portion of this process by creating a system for producing high quality, craft beef that is naturally raised and finished without the use of growth hormones, antibiotics or pesticides, that is beautifully rich in natural color, tender, flavorful, lower in saturated fats and cholesterol than most commercial meats.

We produce and harvest, wet fodder grass, using wheat, barley or milo seed hydroponically, at our vertical farm.

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