Criollo Cattle

Ganados del Rey is the retail label belonging to family-owned Jinglebob Land & Cattle, LLC for the purpose of marketing our beef produced from Criollo Cattle. This Heritage breed of cattle originated in Spain and was first brought to the Americas by Christopher Columbus on his second voyage, by the order of King Ferdinand and Queen Isabel, the Spanish monarchs.

The first breeding herd reached the mainland of North, Central, and South America around the year 1500. From that point, these hardy cattle populated three continents and provided the means and method for colonization. Renowned for their ability to adapt and thrive in varied rangeland environments, they have evolved into a grazing animal that impacts ecosystems in many beneficial ways.

Overlooked by many commercial breeders in today’s commercial cattle industry, these long-horned cattle have been discovered by a few who recognize their ability to produce high-quality protein-rich beef with a lower carbon imprint.


Health Benefits

Healthy conscious people can enjoy the heart health benefits of lower saturated fats, low cholesterol, and fewer calories. You will enjoy superior taste and tenderness with higher levels of protein, omega fatty acids, zinc, iron, B12 and other essential vitamins and minerals compared to other commercial meats including chicken and turkey.

Produced in an all-natural environment without the use of supplemental antibiotics, hormones or steroids, these cattle are raised in a sustainable manner with every effort made to ensure no pesticides, herbicides, or nitrogen-based fertilizers are used in their production.

How these cattle are produced

Criollo cattle are ranch raised in the desert Southwest using traditional methods of open range ranching, They live on a forage diet of grass, weeds, brush with very little supplemental feeding. Grazed on either traditional native ranchland or tame pasture, they are never handled in a wild or intractable manner and are humanely handled until slaughter.

Upon reaching maturity, they are “finished” for up to 120 days on a completely vegetarian diet of quality pasture forage, fodder, and other plant products. They have never been fed in a commercial feedlot or fed grain, processed feeds, or any animal byproducts. Every effort is made to use only forage products that are locally produced using sustainable methods.

This beef is a product of Southern New Mexico and Far West Texas, produced in the Mesilla and the Upper Rio Grande Valley. We slaughter steers monthly to always ensure a fresh product. Our product is sold frozen.

Where you can purchase this beef?

We are local  Mesilla Valley, New Mexico producers. We participate at Las Cruces Farmers and Crafts Market nearly every Saturday all year long, If you are interested in finding us, we suggest you subscribe to our newsletter which is published once a week. Email us at ganadosdelrey@gmail.com and request you be added to our list.

We do accept pre-orders all week long for Saturday delivery at the scheduled Farmer’s Market and you may also take delivery of pre-orders at Anthony headquarters by appointment only.

Another way to purchase “Finished 21 day Dry Aged Hormone/Antibiotic-Free Criollo Beef”, is to buy a half or whole live steer from us to be custom cut to your specifications. We sell these by reservation only, four times a year, and require a deposit. If you have a  family or friends who want to share, this method is the most economical way to purchase our product. Custom processing provides beef cut to your specifications. A freezer of at least 6 cubic feet is recommended. Contact us for more information.

Payment accepted are cash, check, or credit/debit card.

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