Meat Eater's Newsletter, January 16, 2020


To all my fellow Carnivores:


Both markets we attend were good this last week end. Our hope is that 2020 to be a year of growth for Jinglebob Land & Cattle and our Ganados del Rey label. Thank you, our loyal customers for allowing us to grow this far in the last 8 years since we stated trying to sell what we produce. I have a request to all of you who regularly read this newsletter to help us expand our customer base by giving us a good review on our Google Business listing. To accomplish this is easy, just google Ganados del Rey and leave a review or I can also send you a link that you can go to and post a review. The more reviews we have the better our placement on searches for our meat products will become, so please leave a review. 

We will be at our regular locations this Saturday and Sunday, downtown at the Las Cruces Farmer's Market and at the Upper Valley Market at Mesa Plaza in West El Paso respectively.
We have a good supply of Dry Aged Criollo Beef available with nearly all our products represented. We also have Heritage Pork products in stock to include some sausage and  chops. We also have available one beautiful Leg of Lamb from New Mexico Farm Raised Hair Sheep. This is all the lamb we have left at this time and would like to sell it. Please if you are interested let us know.

We will be accepting preorders from now until tomorrow at 5:00 PM for delivery this week end.



Criollo Steer naturally raised in open rangelands on ranches in Southern New Mexico and far West Texas. 

We have a number of these steers identified to be Craft Finished for our customers who like to buy their meat on the hanging weight by the whole, half or quarter animal, after they are finished.Then Dry Aged for 21 days and custom processed, we facilitate this for you and deliver your meat to you at the Farmer's Market most convenient for you. If you are a big beef lover or have a large family and want the tenderest, tastiest and healthiest form of protein available, this is for you. Contact us for more information. 


We also have these Heritage Hog available

If you like pork better than beef or just want the variety, we sell these Heritage Hogs by the whole or half carcass also. They are custom processed and delivered to the Farmer's Markets we attend. To learn more, just reply to this newsletter and request more information about the custom steers or hogs to fill your freezer with.


Good Marbling on these Rib Eyes

Come down to the Farmer's Market this weekend for a visit.

Sincerely, John L. & Keri Guldemann
(575) 640-5904