Meat Eater's Newsletter, February 20, 2020


To all my fellow Carnivores:


All of this beef you buy from us at Ganados del Rey comes from the mating of cows and bulls. This is obvious. What comes from behind the scenes, so to speak is the rich western culture of cattle raising in North America. The United States, Mexico and Canada are the homelands for this culture, regionally separated by geography, they are congruent in their beginnings. Early on, cattle were the means which  agricultural development started. We enjoy this rich history that effects many parts of our lives. Food, fashion, art, music and literature all hold a place in western heritage and most of our values are shaped by these influences that formed this life style. We are proud of our ranching history and support all efforts to secure its benefits for us all.
We will not be at a market this weekend. For those of you who do not know, we are virtually out of meat at this time and will not have anymore until the first week of March. We are sorry for all of you out there who have the habit of buying your meat each week from us at the Farmer's Market, but could have worse problems to solve. This gives us the opportunity to regroup and come back stronger than we were. This does not mean we will go on vacation, this is a 365 days a year job, livestock produce for us and our job is to care for them. We will miss seeing all our regular customers but feel secure that all of you will be back when we start back up. We are still taking preorders from customers. Just answer this email with your order and we will give you the first chance to buy some fresh 21 Day Aged Criollo Beef or Heritage Pork.



Red Wattle Hogs

We have these Heritage Red Wattle Hogs available by the whole or half carcass to fit in your freezer. We are taking orders now, for you to attain a supply of this culinary wonder in the craft meat industry. Renowned for their texture, tenderness and taste, reserve your portion now with a deposit. Processing is included. Shipping and handling charges are extra. Contact us now for more information and an order form. Takes up to 90 days to complete each order. Plan ahead and order now.


Criollo Steers 

Our main business is selling these craft finished, Dry Aged Criollo Beef Steers that we produce by the whole, half or quarter animal, to fill your freezers with. Custom processing is included. These are beautiful cattle and produce exceptional premium beef. Sold on the hanging weight, you can reserve your portion with a deposit. Takes 3-4 months for delivery. Payment plans are offered. Contact us for more information and ordering information.


John L. & Keri Guldemann
(575) 640-5904