Meat Eater's Newsletter, Feb. 6, 2020

To all my fellow Carnivores:


This week has we took steers to be processed. We have run low on inventory due to increased demand. We will have fresh beef and pork by the first of March. Right now we still have some beef and a little pork available and will continue to attend the farmers markets until we are out. Our revised schedule for February and March is as follows:

Feb. 8 - Las Cruces Farmere's & Craft Market, attending.
Feb. 9 - Upper Valley Artist & FarmersMarket at Mesa Plaza - attending.
Feb. 15 - LCFCM - not attending.
Feb. 16 - UVAFM at Mesa Plaza - not attending.

Feb. 22 - LCFCM - not attending.
Feb. 23 - UVAFM @ Sub Station - not attending.
Feb. 29 - LCFCM - not attending.
March 1 - UVAFM@Mewsa Plaza - not attending.

We will start attending the markets on our regular schedule, March 7. Our schedule for March is as follows:
Mar. 7 - LCFCM 
Mar. 8 - UVAFM@ Mesa Plaza
Mar.14 - LCFCM
Mar.15 - UVAFM @ Mesa Plaza
Mar. 21 - LCFCM
Mar. 22 - UVAFM @ Sub Station - not attending
Mar.28 - LCFCM
Mar. 29 - UVAFM @ Sub Station - not attending



A Criollo Steer enjoying Farm Raised Fodder

This steer will fill your freeze and give you the peice of mind knowing you have the very best beef you can buy, that is locally propduced without the use of antibiotics, growth hormones or pesticides off ranchland in Dona Ana County New Mexico. Finished the last 60 days on an all vegetarian diet of farm raised fodder. Sold by the hanging weight, a deposit is required to reserve a quarter, half or whole of one of these Heritage Breed animals. Custom processing is included. There is a small handling and delivery fee charged. We accept payments. Contact us for more information and order forms.



Heritage Red Wattle Hogs enjoying the New Mexico Sunshine. waiting to fill your freezers.

Red Wattles are a Heritage Breed of Hogs that have roots dating clear back to pioneer times. Known for their foraging ability and superior taste when eaten, we have several of these available for you to fill your freezewrs with. Raised in partnership in Chilili, NM on a complete vegitarian diet, without the use of antibiotiucs or growth hormones. Sold on the hanging weight, a deposit is required to reserve one for you. Processing is included with a small charge for shipping and handling. Contact us for more information and an order form


Other News

The only resturant that serves our beef on a weekly basis is Chef Roberto Espinosa's Pot au Fue, an internationally influenced eating establishment, located in downtown El Paso. Robert has been a big supporter of locally source ingredients and tries to incorporate them in all the dishes he prepares. He has changed the formate of his resturant and now only serves dinner during the week, Tuesday through Saturday and brunch on Saturday and Sunday. He will now be using more of our beef, pork and lamb for many of the special dishes he prepares. Please if you like our meats and want to go out to enjoy them, consider an evening or brunch at Pot au Fue.

John L. & Keri Guldemann
(575) 640-5904