Meat Eater's Newsletter, Dec. 12, 2019

To all my fellow Carnivores:

Last week we had some scheduling problems and ended up at the Upper Valley Market on Sunday, as first planned. Hope this did not inconvenience any of you. Christmas is coming and our lives become even more hectic than usual. This Saturday, we are sure that we will be at the Las Cruces Farmer's Market form 8:30-1:00 and on Sunday come see us at the Upper Valley Market in El Paso from 11:00-3:00. Our inventory of beef is still good but demand is strong this close to Christmas so if you want a particular cut come early or be safe and preorder it now. We are out of lamb but still have a good supply of Heritage Pork available. 

John L. & Keri Guldemann
(575) 640-5904

Criollo Steers Range delivered.

We buy these steers at the ranch from producers that know how to raise beef on the open range ranching country here in the Southwest. Big healthy and full of flavor is what we want. Like these 2 year old steers outside of Alpine Texas. We have a limited number of these steers available for delivery to you by the whole, half or quarter, custom processes to fit in your freezer. If you are a big beef eater or have a growing family this is the most efficient way to buy your beef. Contact us for more information.


Heritage Pork by the half or whole hog, custom processed to fill your freezer with. 

The pork these Heritage Hogs produce is renowned for its flavor and velvety texture. Buy now, a whole or half hog for all your pork needs. To order, contact us and we can make it happen.